Mahebourg Full Day Tour

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Visit Eureka House, a typical colonial house surrounded by a magnificent garden and waterfall. Your next stop will be at the Manioc Biscuit factory where you can enjoy live biscuit making process. Immerse yourself as the locals by walking around the streets of Mahebourg and stop by its buzzing markets and let yourself be tempted by its street food. End your day at the Blue Bay beach – one of the most sought-after beach on the island.

Discover Vieux Grand Port

  • Located in the north of Mahebourg, this is the place where the Dutch landed on the island in the year 1598. The famous battle of 1810 between the French Navy and the British Navy occurred there

Biscuiterie H Rault (Manioc Biscuit Factory)

  • This is a family business specialized in the production of cassava (manioc) biscuits. For over 140 years, a variety of flavoured cassava biscuits are made using a traditional method
  • You can experience live, the making of the biscuits and even chat with a family member
  • Discover the raw natural environment, see the old well and the hydraulic ram

Visit the Eureka House (Maison Eureka)

  • Eureka House was built in the 1830’s and is located near the Moka river. You’ll have a glimpse of the colonial life and you’ll see photos and antiques of that time. Surrounding the house is a magnificent garden and a waterfall
  • The house is solely constructed of wood and is surrounded by a long veranda. It also comprises of 109 doors and windows. In the garden, you can spot mango and palm trees
  • You’ll visit the museum which is dedicated to music, arts and antique objects
  • Taste typical Mauritian dishes including the ” rougaille “, a thick spicy tomato sauce. Pickles, fruit chutneys, vanilla ice cream with grilled coconuts are also available

Mahebourg Town

  • Named after the French governor Mahé de Labourdonnais, Mahebourg is an interesting place to visit. You’ll discover the buzzing market, spicy street food and also the Mahebourg waterfront where you can have refreshing walks and stunning views of the sea and the mountain

Visit the Mahebourg Historical Naval Museum

  • The museum was inaugurated in the 1950’s. Learn about the history of Mauritius related to sea, sea battles, naval war items and shipwrecks. The mansion was originally built by Mr. Jean De Robillard around 1772
  • You can see wreckage of sailing ships, cannon, cannonball, paintings, swords and weaponry of Robert Surcouf, the eighteenth-century corsair
  • Collection of coins, curios, model sailing ships, early maps in French and English, palanquins and wooden chairs can also be spotted

Blue Bay Beach

  • Located in the village of Blue Bay, this beach is visited by both locals and tourists. You can see the stunning turquoise water and white sand and experience colourful fish in all shapes and forms
  • If you are fond of underwater photography, then this is the place for you The water is very clear and quiet, making it easy to explore and view the unique marine life
  • Enjoy spectacular snorkeling trips. If you want snacks and other local eateries, you’ll not be disappointed. Facilities like restrooms and showers are also available


8 hours (full day)


  • Discover Vieux Grand Port village and its coastline
  • Sample different varieties of manioc biscuits at the Biscuiterie H Rault (Manioc Biscuit Factory
  • Visit the Eureka House (Maison Eureka)
  • Explore the town of Mahebourg
  • Visit to the Mahebourg Historical Naval Museum
  • Spend the rest of your day at Blue Bay beach


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